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Tire slag remove

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Coal mine explosion-proof scraper type slag machine

Coal mine explosion-proof scraper type slag machine product features
1. Continuous excavation, slag removal, transportation to shuttle mine cars and other transfer equipment.
2. The use of this product can greatly improve work efficiency, reduce mining costs and improve economic efficiency. A single unit can discharge 60-70 cubic meters per hour, replacing more than 30 manual operations, reducing the number of workers and reducing safety hazards.
3. The main action is controlled by pilot valve. The operation is easy and convenient, safe and comfortable, flexible and flexible, with strong climbing ability and stable and no impact.
4. Applicable to roadways with a section of 2.2×2.2 meters.
5. This machine adopts electric full hydraulic transmission, hydraulic walking, excavation, collection, transportation and loading. The mechanism is compact, the propulsive force is large, the extraction range is wide, the whole section can be installed with rock, no dead angle is needed, no manual assistance is needed. Clean up the work surface