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Slag machine operation training

信息来源:Chinese websites | 发布时间:2019年06月20日

1. According to the safety manual of the skimmer, replace the hydraulic oil, and change it regularly. The importance of hydraulic oil is also mentioned in the early stage. When selecting the hydraulic oil, it is necessary to select the products that meet the national regulations to prevent the hydraulic oil from being inferior. Causes insufficient machine power and so on.

Second, before going down the well, let the motor idle for 3~5 minutes, so that there is enough heating time before the motor works, and the motor caused by overload and high-speed work should be prevented from being damaged due to excessive load.


3. Regularly check the lubricating oil of the skimmer. It is necessary to work hard, change frequently, and maintain the lubrication to ensure the lubrication effect.

Fourth, regular inspection of the internal lines of the underground and slag slag machine, and timely replacement of the aging line.

Fifth, check the various parts of the machine regularly to see if it is firm. (especially if the road joint is loose or leaking)

Sixth, for crawler skimming machines, it is necessary to regularly check whether the links of various parts are loose.

In the more than one hundred hours that the slag machine was originally used, it played a vital role in the life expectancy of the slag slag machine. Many mine owners did not pay attention to it. When it was realized later, the machine was old and the internal parts were Already "injured", so no matter how you care, it may not be able to recover. Therefore, the maintenance of the new machine is very important for later use.