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how to select that equipment of small-scale pickpockets correctly

信息来源 | 发布时间:2019年11月22日

The selection of equipment for small slag pickling machine is related to the output, the nature of ore, the working conditions, the shirt condition of the running road, the skills of the operators, the management level of the enterprise, and the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. The correct equipment selection should minimize the comprehensive cost to meet the production requirements under the condition of ensuring the safety and hygiene in the pit. The mining method and the production capacity of the mine have the greatest influence on the selection of equipment, and different types of equipment should be equipped according to the actual production capacity of the ring field.

Generally speaking, if the mine production force is large, the model of the selected equipment should also be larger. This is not only because the productivity of large equipment is high, can complete the required output, but also is generally easy to maintain and manage, and the economic effect is good, which is beneficial to reduce the production cost and increase the output. The selection of equipment must consider its working conditions, such as the physical and mechanical properties of rock, the parameters of roadway section, the quality and slope of transportation roadway and the transportation distance. Although the section size of the general roadway is determined according to the selected equipment, in practice, the geological conditions or the lifting ability of the mine often limit the selection of large equipment. At this time, according to the existing conditions, the equipment should be selected according to the principle of ensuring the best economic effect, that is, the production capacity, reliability, utilization rate, repair and maintenance cost and the proficiency of workers to a new technology should be comprehensively compared, and the optimal ones should be selected. When the combined equipment or transportation equipment is selected for shipment and unloading, the actual operation distance of the equipment should be the best within the optimal economic distance. When selecting rock drilling equipment, we should not only meet the requirements of rock drilling in working face, but also consider the production capacity of equipment and transportation equipment, so as to allocate the whole production cycle time properly, and at the same time, we should increase the actual operation rate of the equipment as much as possible. In the selection of equipment, it is not only necessary to consider the unity of equipment, to minimize the types of equipment, to achieve multi-use of one machine, to facilitate management, maintenance and improve economy, but also to pay attention to the characteristics of equipment, and not to abuse the equipment, such as using scraper instead of loader to load to the car for a long time (or using dump truck in pit to tow general goods on the ground, etc.). In the selection of equipment, safety in production and environmental protection must be considered. For example, the exhaust emission characteristics of diesel engines, air consumption and ventilation requirements, the type and efficiency of purification devices, and the influence of ventilation system on equipment in the working area must be seriously considered. Ensure that the air pollution in the pit is below the national safety and hygiene standards at all times and under any circumstances. Fire prevention and explosion proof equipment should be used for mines with easy to hold and explosive gases.