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The wheel type scrapes the machine factory to take you to understand the Mid-Autumn festival custom

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I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival in advance. There are different customs in every place of Mid-Autumn festival. Today we will learn some interesting things about our traditional festivals that you don't know  The custom of enjoying the moon on Mid-Autumn festival was very popular in tang dynasty. To the song dynasty, the Mid-Autumn festival moon wind more sheng, every time this day, "your home knot decoration taixie, civil competition accounted for the restaurant to play on". Ming and qing dynasties palace and folk worship activities on the moon more scale, China remains a lot of "worship on the altar", "worship on the pavilion", "wangyue floor" and other monuments. Literati literati to appreciate the moon is a special preference, they or climb on the floor or invited on a boat, drinking poems, leaving many win universal praise. Such as du fu "August 15 night on the moon" with a symbol of reunion of the 15 bright moon set against their own wandering fetters melancholy; Song dynasty literary hero su shi, the Mid-Autumn festival happy drink daman, drunk and written "water tune song head", by the moon of the circle metaphor of separation. Even today, it is one of the indispensable activities for families to sit together and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the bright moon.



In ancient times, in addition to the Mid-Autumn festival in zhejiang, tide watching is another Mid-Autumn festival event. The custom of watching tides on the Mid-Autumn festival has long been noted in the works of the seven fates written by the knights of the han dynasty. After han, the wind more prosperous Mid-Autumn tide. There are also records of tide watching in the old stories of supplementary wulin by zhu tinghuan of Ming dynasty and dream liang records by wu self-grazing of song dynasty.


On the night of the Mid-Autumn festival, it is customary to light lanterns to aid the moonlight. Nowadays, there are still some tiled lamp-burning in huguang area. Jiangnan area has the light boat festival custom. In modern times, the Mid-Autumn festival is more popular. Today, zhou yunjin, he xiangfei "leisure try to say season things" article said: "guangdong zhangdeng is the most prosperous, each in more than ten days before the festival, with bamboo tied lanterns. Do fruit, birds and animals, fish and insects shape and 'to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival' and other words, on the paste color paper painted various colors. Mid autumn night lantern candle with rope tied on the bamboo pole, high vertical in tieaves or terraces, or with small lights built into the shape of the glyphs or various shapes, hanging at the height of the house, commonly known as' tree Mid-Autumn festival 'or' vertical Mid-Autumn festival '. The rich house hanging lights, high count zhang, the family gathered in the light drink for joy, ordinary people erect a flagpole, two lanterns, also take their own joy. The city lights are glass world." It seems that since ancient times, the size of the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival seems to be second only to the Lantern Festival.


Many lanterns are hung in public places on the Mid-Autumn full moon night. People gather together to guess riddles written on the lanterns. As it is a favorite activity of most young men and women, love stories are also told on these activities.

Eat moon cakes

Appreciating the moon and eating moon cakes are the main customs of Mid-Autumn festival across China

The moon cake says: "August 15 and may are round. Mid-Autumn moon cakes are sweet and fragrant." The word mooncake comes from the dream liang lu written by wu zimu in the southern song dynasty. At that time, it was only a kind of dim sum food. Later, people gradually put the moon and moon cakes together, meaning family reunion, sustenance miss. At the same time, moon cakes are also an important gift for friends to connect with each other.

In xiamen, fujian province, there is also the custom of bo cake, which is listed as a national intangible cultural heritage project.

Appreciate osmanthus, drink osmanthus wine

People often eat moon cakes in the Mid-Autumn festival to appreciate osmanthus, osmanthus eat a variety of food, cakes, candy, the most common.

Mid-Autumn night, looking at the middle of the laurel, smell bursts of osmanthus, drink a cup of laurel honey wine, celebrating the family sweet honey, has become a festival of beauty to enjoy. In modern times, wine is often used instead.

Play with lanterns

There is no big Lantern Festival on Mid-Autumn day like yuanxiao festival. As early as in the northern song dynasty "wu Lin old story", recorded in the autumn festival customs, there will be "a little red" lights into the river rafting activities. Mid-Autumn festival lantern, mostly concentrated in the south. For example, at the autumn festival in foshan, there are various kinds of colorful lanterns: sesame lamp, eggshell lamp, planing lamp, straw lamp, fish scale lamp, grain shell lamp, melon seed lamp, bird, animal, flower and tree lamp, etc.