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How to choose the scraper in small roadway

信息来源 | 发布时间:2019年08月20日

Mine with small slag machine where to buy? First of all to understand what is a small slag machine, and its model and price. Mine slag removal machine refers to the mining hole mining slag material transport machine, which is often said that the mine slag scraping machine, it is it is by the manipulator and the conveyer phase joint, mining and transportation function combined with the machine, slag scraping machine the smallest model refers to what type? What's the price? And how to use it?


Q: how to choose the model of small mine slag scrubber?

A: small slag grinders mainly refer to type 50 and type 60 tyre slag grinders. The differences between the two types are:

1. Zwy-50: the width of the whole machine is 1350mm, the length is 5000mm, and the height is 1500mm. It is suitable for working on roadway 1.8*1.8, and the diesel engine cannot be installed.

2. Zwy-60: the width of the whole machine is 1550mm, the length is 5500mm, and the height is 1650mm. It is suitable for 2.0*2.0 roadway work, and diesel engine can be installed. The power of these two types of machines is 11kw, no matter the excavation width, unloading length and unloading height are not much different, the difference is that one can install a diesel engine, the other cannot install a diesel engine, model 50 is smaller than model 60. Suitable for smaller mine tunnel interior.

Q: small mine slag scrapper (small slag scrapper) price? What's the minimum you can get?

Answer: the price of 50 type scrubber machine and 60 type scrubber machine is about 70 thousand, similar, price difference depends on configuration, specific telephone consults manufacturer.

Q: how to use small mine slag scrubber?

A: an experienced mucker can drive any type, so it is important to find an experienced mucker operator. Hengnoxin slag scrubber factory not only produces and manufactures slag scrubber, but also provides specific training on how to operate the slag scrubber. When purchasing the slag scrubber, customers can send mine staff to the factory to learn how to operate the slag scrubber, or the factory can provide personal information of the operators of the slag scrubber, and the owners of the mining enterprises can communicate with operators directly.