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How to judge the quality by the appearance of the slag scrubber

信息来源 | 发布时间:2019年08月20日

What are the factors that affect the slag extraction efficiency of the slag scrubber? Where is the slagging machine factory with good quality and fine workmanship? Which is the slagging machine factory that has guarantee after sale? Environmental inspectors have become increasingly strict since the 2017 blue sky campaign. Mines in many places have been shut down for not meeting environmental requirements. In order to reduce the emission of pollution, the tunnel dredging machine basically began to use voltage driven, electro-hydraulic work. Therefore, the motor quality of the electric slag picker is also very important, which directly affects the working efficiency of the slag picker.


How to judge the quality from the appearance of slagging machine:

1. From the appearance, no matter what accessories or products are rough in workmanship, they cannot reach the surface. There is no doubt that the quality is not good.

2. Depending on the brand, all the accessories with good quality are from well-known brands in the industry, such as the oil cylinder. Hengnoxin slag scraping machine factory USES the oil cylinder made by longyan factory in fujian province.

3. Judging from the current and temperature rise, the current of the slag gripper is only about 20% of the rated current under no load. If the current is too large, the motor technology is definitely not good. Then we can also pay attention to the temperature rise, the same no-load slag scraper, the temperature rise is relatively small.

4, listen to the sound of the motor, no load, let the motor run, observe its stability whether there is obvious vibration, listen to whether there is an abnormal sound, do amplitude obvious quality determination is not pass. Hengnoxin slag scraping machine components are well documented, large pieces can be achieved without replacement, as long as the master slag scraping machine every time the use of timely maintenance, the use of the whole machine for three or five years is not a problem. To sum up, xiangyang hengnuoxin slag scrapper factory is the first choice of the slag scrapper factory with good quality and fine workmanship.