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Wheel-type slag conveyor is specially designed for small tunnel.

信息来源 | 发布时间:2019年07月11日

Slagging machine is mainly used for the collection and loading of gravel soil in some non-explosive dangerous mines, such as narrow production space, small scale phosphate rock, metal non-metal mine and so on. It is composed of manipulator and conveyor, the collection and transportation functions are combined into one, and the production device of electro-hydraulic control system is adopted. It has the characteristics of safety and environmental protection, low energy consumption and high efficiency. It is an indispensable advanced mining equipment for mines and small holes. It is a substitute for artificial and other machinery. The wheeled hydraulic slagging machine produced by our company includes five functions: hydraulic walking, excavating, collecting, transporting, loading and cleaning. Among them, the hydraulic walking function is to drive the wheel through the hydraulic motor, reducer, transmission shaft, and then to the reducer.

The hydraulic motor has three functions: forward, backward and automatic braking. The mining and acquisition function is completed by the manipulator, the manipulator has the functions of mining, extending arm, loading and unloading, the big arm can rise, fall, turn left and right, the control of mining acquisition is controlled by full hydraulic pressure, operated by two handles, each handle controls two movements, which is easy to operate.