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How to change hydraulic oil

信息来源:Xiangyang Hengnuoxin Machinery Co., Ltd. | 发布时间:2019年06月22日

Everyone knows that the crawler hydraulic oil has five functions: cleaning, lubrication, cooling, handling, and sealing. After long-term use of hydraulic oil, it is easy to contaminate the debris generated in the roadway. This is one of the reasons why the hydraulic oil will turn black. If it is light, the oil pipe will be blocked, and the whole machine will be weak. Everyone who has been affected by the slag of hydraulic oil has heard a lot and will not say much here. Every time you change it, you can't be greedy. You must ask for all the hydraulic oil to be poured out. The poured hydraulic oil can be placed in an idle container. After a period of precipitation, you can continue to use it next time. Pay attention to this small detail! I hope to help everyone.

The reason for changing the hydraulic oil is because the hydraulic oil is affected by the temperature during the work and the catalysis of various media and metals, and gradually deteriorates and ages, and produces various substances harmful to the crawler, such as carbon deposit, paint film and sludge. Produced in different parts of the crawler, gradually accumulating oil passages and friction surfaces, resulting in poor lubrication and accelerated wear, endangering the normal use of the crawler.

How to replace the hydraulic oil with the new machine. Change oil after 200 hours for the first time, and replace it every 1000 hours (L-HM46 is recommended in summer and L-HM32 or similar viscosity hydraulic oil in winter); open the fuel tank cap on the fuel tank and pour hydraulic oil into the fuel tank to complete Afterwards, do not cover the fuel tank cover immediately, and leave it for a period of time to ensure that the residual oil in the machine is completely discharged. Observe the oil outflow condition. If there is odor, very thick or stratified, the oil change interval should be shortened. And the time to change the hydraulic oil in summer is different.

The old machine needs to shorten the oil change interval, especially in the first oil change interval. The hydraulic oil will be replaced only after 200 hours. The replacement method is the same as the new oil change method mentioned above; Extend and gradually reach the oil change cycle of the whole machine.